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Borrow to invest with a specialist in margin lending solutions.

Margin Lending Specialist

Established in 1991, we're proud to be a margin lending specialist in Australia, and a wholly owned subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank.

Leveraged is Money magazine’s Margin Lender of the Year for five consecutive years^. This award demonstrates our commitment to providing broad product and investment choices to our clients.

Why Leveraged?


Connect with most major online platforms and selected brokers.

Acceptable investment list

A diverse and frequently reviewed investment list, including securities, platforms and managed funds#.

Specialist solutions

A choice of multiple margin loan solutions, additional features, and Qantas points.

Range of interest rates

Offering a range of interest rate options, terms and payments methods. Refer to for further information.

Dedicated customer service

Dedicated Customer Service Team to assist you with any queries.

Online application

Sign up with our online application.

Margin lending solutions

Margin Loan

  • Flexible loan account offering several interest rate options.
  • 3,000+ acceptable investments.
  • Apply to manage the loan directly or through a selected stockbroker/financial adviser.

Investment Funds Multiplier

  • A margin loan solution exclusive to Leveraged.
  • Manage your loan with a repayment plan in the event of a significant fall in portfolio value. 

Direct Investment Loan

  • Specifically designed for the self-directed investor.
  • Our lowest variable rate margin lending solution.
  • Ability to integrate with select online brokers.

Borrowing to invest

Borrowing to invest, or gearing, is a strategy used to purchase shares, managed funds, or other investments. This can increase your investment capacity to help you grow your investment portfolio. A gearing strategy can be used for a variety of reasons, including wealth creation.

Our financial goals simulator* can provide you an estimate of the investment value of your portfolio, with and without gearing, based on the information you provide. Use our simulator today to compare returns with or without gearing.

It’s important to understand both the benefits and risks of adding a gearing strategy to your portfolio. We recommend speaking to your financial advisor for advice.

This chart is an example of our financial goals simulator. Displaying the returns on cash, shares or managed funds and borrowing to invest in shares and managed funds over the span of 10 years.

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Things you should know

^Money magazine Margin Lender of the Year. Awards are only one factor to consider when choosing a financial product.

#Direct Investment Loan excludes managed funds as acceptable investments.

*The Financial Goals Simulator chart image is for illustrative purposes only and does not indicate any view of, or expectation about, any Leveraged margin loan product or any investment or transaction. It does not cover all the possible outcomes and is not intended as a recommendation, It is simplified and may not reflect actual outcomes, market prices or movements or taxation treatment.

Gearing involves risk. It can magnify your returns; however, it may also magnify your losses.

The Leveraged Equities Margin Loan, Investment Funds Multiplier and Direct Investment Loan are issued by Leveraged Equities Limited (ABN 26 051 629 282, AFSL 360118) as Lender and as a subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank Limited (ABN 11 068 049 178 AFSL 237879). The information on this website contains general advice only and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. This information does not constitute financial or tax advice. We recommend that you obtain your own independent professional and tax advice on the risks and suitability of this type of investment and to determine whether your interest costs will in fact be fully deductible in the current financial year in your particular circumstance. Terms, conditions, fees, charges and normal lending criteria apply.

Please consider your personal circumstances, consult a professional financial adviser and read the Product Disclosure Statement and Incorporated Statements (together, the 'PDS') and Product Guide, together with the terms and conditions applying to the product or service, before making an investment decision. To obtain a copy of the PDS and relevant information please call 1300 307 807, visit the individual product pages on this website, or contact your financial adviser. Not suitable for a self-managed superannuation fund

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