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Our handy product comparison matrix, helps you decide on the product that's right for you.

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We understand investors have individual needs and preferences, so our range of products have been specifically developed to provide our clients and partners the flexibility to choose the loan that best suits their investment needs and risk appetites.

  Margin Loan Investment Funds Multiplier Direct Investment Loan
Account Establishment:
Apply Online Y Y Y
Application fee (for Individuals) Nil Nil Nil
Minimum credit application $20,000 $20,000  $20,000 
Minimum interest loan balance* $20,000 $20,000 Nil
*The minimum interest loan balance is waived when activated with a regular savings and investment plan using Instalment Plus.
Acceptable investments:
ASX listed shares, ETPs, LICs & other
CHESS eligible investments
International shares Y N N
Unlisted Managed Funds Y Y N
Add-on features:
Earn Qantas Points Y Y Y
Combine Exchange Traded Options strategies Y N N
Borrow shares to short Y N N
Monthly savings & investment plans Y Y N
Risk Management Tools:
Target gearing alerts Y Y Y
Buffer alerts Y Y N
Electronic Margin Call notification Y Y Y
Margin call repayment plans N Y N
View your loan & investments online 24/7 Y Y Y
Borrow against acceptable investments held
on Platforms and through Managed Accounts
Manage credit balances with cash products
(CMA, CMT and TDs)
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