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Introducing the new Head of Leveraged

7 November 2019 |Latest news

Introducing the new Head of Leveraged

7 November 2019 |Latest news

Introducing Lily Elliott, the new Head of Leveraged


Head of Leveraged, Lily Elliott.


What made you want to lead Leveraged?

Apart from being terribly passionate about Equity Markets, I believe that Leveraged is a niche player with a lot to offer. I see lots of growth opportunities with both Advised and Direct Markets.  Leveraged is the preferred provider for many dealer groups because of its service, knowledge and passion for customers, so we are well positioned to claim market share. We also have a great opportunity to gain some direct broking market share which also opens up lending opportunities.

What do you value most about the company’s culture and vision?

The values are very much aligned to my personal values when dealing with customers and making decisions. We want to do what’s right for the customer, which in turn, builds trust. The company’s vision is spot on. We need to be easy to deal with and ensure that we remain relevant to sustain future growth. In terms of values, the one that really resonates with me right now is performance,  given that we will be striving for growth we will need to continue to improve and look at different ways of achieving it.

What is the best advice you’ve ever received?

Anticipate the problem long before it happens - and act to avoid it.

What do you see as the biggest challenge of your new role?

We are operating in a tough environment,  everyone is. We’re doing more with less and taking advantage of the short window of opportunity which typically emerges during conditions like this. For our business this means being highly organised and focused in the right areas for delivery to both our partners and direct customers. 

Success means different things to different people. How do you measure success?

Having great staff engagement whilst delivering growth results. I would measure this simply by creating the right targets based on environment and the capability we have.  I need to set realistic targets that hold the right balance in terms of challenge. Targets are not  “set and forget”, they need to be measured constantly with meaningful data to support future decision-making. 

It’s 2022. How has Leveraged changed under your leadership?

Leveraged will be recognised as the innovator for Margin Lending and become more immersed in the Online Broking strategy that will see us gain some of the market share from the heavyweights - as well as building lending opportunities. Our digital proposition and scalability will support our growth but not compromise our reputation for being well connected to our customers and our partners. Our customer base will change over time, and we will pursue a “start-up” wealth strategy for new and younger entrants to ensure we remain relevant to their personal wealth goals. Our brand will promote our strengths and be more widely recognised through strong advocacy. 

This information is correct as at 7 November 2019


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