Derivatives Toolbox

This information pack demonstrates to your clients how options can manage risks and generate income on their investments. Investors can use derivatives on their margin loan through our Exchange Options Plus feature.

Campaign materials

Options in actionThis video highlights how options offer investors benefits in a range of market conditions. 
Covered callsThis document explains the benefits of covered calls, such as generating additional income. The case study is also available as a web page.
Protective putsThis document discusses how puts can offer protection to your investment in a bear market, among other benefits. This case study is also available as a web page
Protected covered writesWhat happens when you combine a covered call and a put? This document discusses the advantages of the protected covered write strategy (or collar). This case study is also available as a web page.
Share BuildersShare Builders is a series of self-funding instalment warrants that provide your clients an alternative way to borrow and invest into shares. For a fraction of the current share price, your clients can obtain exposure to share price movements. Check out the web page for more information.

The power of regular investing

This may suit you if you have clients with medium to long-term goals who are interested in a regular savings and investment plan. This pack contains information to help you start having conversations about combining the discipline of a regular savings plan with regular monthly borrowed funds through instalment gearing and the Investment Funds Multiplier.

Campaign materials

The power of regular investingThis video follows the case study of Jess, who has big life goals and achieves them through borrowing to invest and instalment gearing.
Jess' important life milestonesThis document provides the details of Jess' investment strategy, as outlined in The power of regular investing video. The case study is also available as a web page.
How does gearing stack up?This document provides a comparison of savings and investment strategies, using historical data and the Leveraged Savings Simulator. It's also available as a web page.
Investment Funds Multiplier fact sheetThis fact sheet provides an overview of the Leveraged Investment Funds Multiplier margin loan. You can also access the Investment Funds Multiplier product page for more information.
Instalment Plus fact sheetThis fact sheet provides an overview of the Leveraged instalment gearing feature, Instalment Plus.