Why borrow to invest?

By borrowing to invest, also called gearing, you can build an investment portfolio larger than you would by using only your own funds.

Gearing explained

Gearing is borrowing money for the purpose of investing. By adding borrowed funds to your own, you can increase your total amount available for investment. Australians have historically geared into property via a mortgage. Investors can also gear into the sharemarket as a way of having more funds to invest.

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Fixing and prepaying interest

Fixing and prepaying the interest on your loan can be an effective strategy in an increasing or uncertain rate environment. A fixed and prepaid loan can assist you in managing your expenses and cash flows, along with tax planning.

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Margin Loans explained

A Margin Loan allows you to borrow to invest in growth assets, such as shares and managed funds, meaning you can increase your investment opportunities more than if you using only your own funds. Borrowing additional money to invest increases your exposure to an investment, enhancing your profits and potential dividends earned if the portfolio rises.

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Margin Loan simulator

The Margin Loan simulator shows you how quickly you can achieve your financial goals by borrowing to invest in shares and managed funds using a margin loan.


Savings simulator

See how your savings can grow with our financial goals simulator. Simply enter your savings target and time frame and see how quickly different investment options help you achieve your goal.

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The power of regular investing

If you’ve got big life goals like buying a house, furthering your education, travel and retiring comfortably, you’ll need a plan to make sure you have the money you need, when you need it.

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