Investing in an ageing population

29 November 2017

The world’s population is living longer than ever before. In 1995, the average global population life expectancy was 65. By 2025 this figure is expected to grow to 73. At the same time birth rates are declining, resulting in an ageing global


Bite-Size Strategies – Regular gearing

26 September 2017

Instalment gearing is a strategy that can be used to build wealth for your future by combining two powerful investment strategies – the discipline of a monthly savings and investment plan combined with a margin loan to increase your investment


Reset: Life investment stages

29 August 2017

In this section. Reset: Life investment stages. Once upon a time, the life stage investment strategy went something like this: Finish school, do an apprenticeship or go to uni and when finished, a young bloke might buy a block of land on the coast


Tell them something they don’t know...

31 July 2017

In this section. Tell them something they don’ t know. We’ ve all been there. You turn up to a dinner party in Sydney or Melbourne and, if you’ re a certain age, invariably the conversation turns to property. Again. Or moaning about how to


A guide to ETFs

29 May 2017

In this section. A guide to ETFs. Exchange traded funds (ETF) are one of the fastest growing investment tools in the world. This is because they are easy to understand and give investors a convenient way to add diversification to their portfolio.


'Tis the season to...Fix, Prepay and Diversify

01 April 2017

It’s a busy time at Leveraged with the run-up to the end of the financial year.Traditionally, it’s a period when geared investors take stock of their holdings, review their tax situation and consider investment plans for the year ahead. On the


Short Sell case study

27 January 2017

In this section. Short Sell case study. Profit from a falling security price. Continue to trade and potentially profit from a bear market. An alternative hedging strategy to options or warrants. Pursue a long/short or pairs trading strategy so you


Protected covered write: strategy guide

23 November 2016

A protected covered write, also known as a collar, allows investors to cap their downside risk using a put option, while receiving a premium from writing a covered call option. The strategy consists of holding shares, selling a call option, and


Recipe for retirement: a slice outside super

21 September 2016

Great news! Australians are living longer than ever before! Defying mortality, however, presents new considerations, such as longevity risk – outliving your nest egg. Australians have to reconsider their retirement saving strategy, and their


How does gearing stack up?

29 August 2016

Using historical data and our brand-new savings simulator, we put three strategies to the test.