Another hat-trick for Leveraged

Leveraged clinches highest overall satisfaction for Brokers, Planners and Investors.

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Options in action

Unlike a vanilla stock portfolio where investors can only profit when their shares rise in value, derivatives offer benefits in a range of markets.

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Access more funds to trade

With a margin loan from Leveraged and our best margin loan rate ever!^

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5 stars for outstanding value

Access more funds to trade with an award winning investment loan.

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A guide to ETFs

29 May 2017

Exchange traded funds (ETF) are one of the fastest growing investment tools in the world. This is because they are easy to understand and give investors a convenient way to add diversification to their portfolio.

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Case study:
Jess' important life milestones

Jess, like most of us, has big life goals, such as buying a house, furthering her education, travelling and retiring comfortably. But to achieve this, it's going to cost Jess money - money she currently doesn't have and money that may take a long time to save.

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Financial markets update

Financial markets update
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Equities updates

S&P/ASX200 market watch

S&P/ASX200 top 5 gains

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Approved Investments List

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